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    The state of Florida requires any resident or nonresident that offers to sell travel-related services in Florida to individuals or groups to have a Florida Seller of Travel registration in place. Big Creek Travel obtains a surety bond and files an agency registration; however, an annual filing fee of $50 is required for each independent sales agent conducting business in Florida. You may complete the required form and submit payment via mail or online.  Anyone selling travel in Florida or to residents of Florida without having a valid independent seller agreement in place may face fines of up to $5,000 for each violation, so this is not something you want to ignore. If you do not live in Florida or do not have clients located in Florida, you are not required to submit this form.  Please be aware, however, that without this in place, you will not be able to book vacations on behalf of any Florida residents.  Please email a copy of your document from the state as soon as you receive it.